01/08/2012 – Social Media Makes a Mark on TV in Brazil

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AUGUST 1, 2012

Internet and social media frequently accessed while users watch TV in Brazil

Internet usage in Brazil is growing at a rapid pace. eMarketer expects the number of internet users in the largest country in Latin America to reach 86.4 million in 2012, for a total penetration of 42%. As the web and social media become part of the everyday routine of many consumers in Brazil, they have begun to integrate their digital activities with other media as well.

According to February data from IBOPE Nielsen Online, internet users in metropolitan areas of Brazil were joining the global trend of simultaneously using the internet while watching TV. Almost six in 10 internet users said that they accessed the internet while watching TV every day, while less than a tenth reported using the internet once a week or less while watching TV.


Internet Users in Brazil Who Watch TV and Use the Internet Simultaneously, by Frequency, Feb 2012 (% of respondents)


In addition to growing internet usage, Brazil is also becoming highly social, with social media penetration expected to reach 87.6% of internet users in 2012. Users are bringing that social engagement to their simultaneous activities as well. The study found that users were almost as likely to comment on shows as they were to watch various types of TV programming.


Types of Shows Simultaneous TV and Internet Users in Brazil Comment on or Watch, Feb 2012 (% of respondents)


IBOPE found that soap operas, known as “telenovelas” in Brazil, were the most common show for internet users in Brazil to comment on, only 12 percentage points behind those that watched the shows. Interestingly, when it came to sports programming, internet users were more likely to comment than watch, at 31% versus 26%, respectively.

eMarketer forecasts that social media users in Brazil will increase from 66.2 million in 2011 to 75.7 million in 2012. As more users become active on social media, expect engagement to increase during their favorite TV programs as well.

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